Introducing Destination Restaurant Consulting

27 Feb

Rather than relying on local traffic wouldn’t you prefer to have a “Destination”
restaurant that people will drive for 20, 30 minutes or more to visit?

Destination Restaurant Consulting offers a variety of services for restaurants with the overall goal of enhancing the bottom line.
In addition to helping create signature dishes, facility design, staff training,
marketing, and branding we also are experts in backroom operations such as
cost control, vendor negotiations, 
policies, secret shoppers, and assisting the owner(s) with re-dedicatingthemselves to their vision or  even creating an exit strategy.  Rather than hourly rates, we provide value-based consulting services based on the goals you want us to achieve.  We offer our services nationwide.

The restaurant business is incredibly tough and constantly evolving.  Many independent restaurants that are able to survive for awhile offering unremarkable food and service make themselves vulnerable to eventually being killed by new competition opening nearby.

Contact Destination Restaurant Consulting for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation [].  Our value-based consulting services offer an excellent return on your investment. Perhaps our consultants can offer a few tweaks that are easily implemented but yield big profits over a year.  Or perhaps your restaurant requires a turnaround similar to those shown on “Kitchen Nightmares”.  Either way, we would like an opportunity to help you meet your goals and dreams!


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