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Jim Jordan is a restaurant consultant with Destination Restaurant Consulting. He has owned, managed, and consulted for restaurants over the last 25 years. Destination Restaurant Consultants are seasoned professionals well-versed in every corner of the restaurant. We help with everything from designing that creative hook to implementing foolproof inventory controls. Try us out for a free needs assessment at info@destinationrestaurantconsulting.com or call (800) 653-8575.


One Response to “About the Author”

  1. Bon-die March 7, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Some of these posts are nice reads. However, I’d be interested in knowing or hearing directly from clients you have serviced if possible. How does one find such a list?

    I’ve done some consulting over the years myself, and like you have some sound theorys written into posts. Mine can be found in multiple places, “manageyourbar.com” being the easiest to find. However in this business it is very difficult to attract clients without having had clients. A bit of a catch 22 for newbies as I am sure you will agree.

    What prompted me to look into Destination REstaurant Consulting was a posting that you are loookig for a consultant in the KC area. So any further, more specific information you might provide would be great..

    B. Fortner

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